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    Default Lara Dutta had a fling with Tiger Woods too?

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    Tiger Woods' sordid tale has just got interesting. We hear that the ace golfer could have also been linked to Lara Dutta.

    In 2001, a year after she won the Miss Universe title in Cyprus, the rumour was doing the rounds that Lara might have dated Tiger for a while.

    A report published in USA Today way back in 2001 stated: "And, oh yes. He (Tiger Woods) denied that he was dating Miss Universe Lara Dutta of India."

    The US tabloid reported that Tiger also denied "trying to steal Lara from New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter". "Nothing more than gossip, probably put out by Dutta's camp, the Woods Foundation people surmise, " the report added.

    If Lara Dutta link actually turns out to be true, this will add an interesting twist that everyone has been waiting for. For the most part, Tiger's alleged mistresses are Caucasian and many of them are blondes. Lara Dutta could be the first hint of ethnicity in Tiger's menu of women, which is a welcomed change of events.

    Below is the list of Tiger’s alleged lovers :

    1. Rachel Uchitel, New York nightclub promoter and event planner
    2. Jaimee Grubbs, Las Vegas reality show contestant and waitress
    3. Kalika Moquin, Las Vegas nightclub-marketing manager
    4. Jamie Jungers, Las Vegas lingerie model and waitress
    5. Mindy Lawton, waitress in Orlando
    6. Cori Rist, New York nightclub butterfly
    7. Holly Sampson, porn star and a high profile escort
    8. Unidentified British television host
    9. Unidentified female, who is said to have a corporate position
    10. Unidentified female, described as a “sex-addicted cougar.”
    11. Joslyn James, porn star
    12. Lore Dana Jolie, Playboy model and escort
    13. Theresa Rogers, ‘fitness nut’
    14. Unidentified female, supposedly a lawyer
    15. Jessica Simpson, singer and actress.
    16. Lara Dutta, Miss Universe and Bollywood actress ???

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