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    Default I was sure Lanka would fail when I saw the edit: Vikram Bhatt

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    When a film becomes a hit, everybody is out to take the credit but when it tanks, you start shifting the blame on someone else’s shoulders.

    A similar situation arose when Vikram Bhatt’s earlier home production Lanka (2011) flopped at the box office. The veteran filmmaker who is now busy promoting his next horror film 1920 Evil Returns says, “Things went awry for Maqbool Khan (director) was more interested in making Manoj Bajpai happy then the audience; such a ploy never works. The paying public is not bothered about the pain you took in making the film; they just want a good story.”

    “We can’t blame the audiences, it is our job to tell a good tale. But sometimes thing backfire. The same person who made Mother India also made Son Of India, right! The biggest lesson I learnt from this experience was to keep a close watch on all my projects. Whenever I am not physically present, I make it point to keep in touch with the team. Here, I will let you share a secret of mine. I was sure that Lanka would fail when I saw the edit itself,” adds Vikram.

    But the man is hopeful about his next offering 1920 Evil Returns!!!



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