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    Lightbulb Kunal Khemu A Duffer

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    Kunal Khemu - a ‘Duffer

    "I didn’t know what ‘Duffer’ means" says Kunal.

    Hey folks you know actor Kunal Khemu is a 'Duffer'. To know why, check this out.It happened on the sets of 'Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke' when Kunal was a child actor and was shooting for a scene with Aamir Khan.

    "I had to do a scene with Aamir Khan but I was busy with some fun and didn't pay attention to what was told to me and as a result the shot did not turn well. On that Mahesh sir told me 'duffer' as he need to re-take it and I didn't know what 'Duffer' means and I happily replied 'thank you'. Then Mahesh sir asked me why am I thanking him? And I told because you complimented me as 'duffer' for doing a good job. Later he explained me that 'duffer' means a fool." says Kunal.

    He further adds that "After looking at my performance in one of the movie Aamir Khan sent me a text with a signature Aamir at its end. However it did not clicked to me and I reverted back 'Who Aamir?' and he replied back saying 'Duffer its me.' And then I got to know that its him."

    This is how Kunal is associated with the word 'Duffer.' After a long time the actor is once again back with three films in his kitty that comprises of 'Jai Veeru', 'Dhoondte Reh Jaoge' and '99.'

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    For me To Kno..n U to Find out..



    Duffer: someone worthless or useless

    Now he Knoz..

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    Thank you very much for sharing with us,



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