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    Default Kunal Kapoor caught by cops in Europe

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    Kunal Kapoor recent took a break from the shoot of Don 2. The actor was away holidaying in Europe when he was almost put behind bars. The handsome actor is a certified sky diver and everyone is well aware of his adventurous side. It so happened that a couple of the actor's local sky diving buddies convinced him to come base jumping with him. Base jumping is a particularly dangerous sport which has led to a number of fatal accidents in the past and is even restricted in certain areas. Kunal and his friends ended up going to a cliff in the countryside to try out the sport and just when they were ready to jump, they were busted by some local cops. It turned out that this particular sport was banned in the area. The actor and his friends had to spend considerable amount of time cajoling the cops, who then left them with a warning. Kunal, recollecting his experience said, "We were not doing anything illegal. It's just about being at the wrong place at the wrong time."
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