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    Default "KSKHH is bound to have naughty jokes" - Neha Sharma

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    Newbie Neha Sharma is entirely convinced about Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum after shooting for it. However, the pretty girl admits that she had a few reservations before signing on the dotted line. When the makers told her about its risqué content, she was in two minds. Not to mention the reservations she had about her parents' reactions on seeing their daughter in a naughty, adult comedy.

    "You have to see the film to believe it," says Neha in an animated tone, "Writer-director Sachin Yardi has really pushed the envelope with the humor. In fact we actors sometimes didn't get the jokes despite the fact that they were hardly subtle. Like for example the scene where I say 'mujhe bade achche lagte hain'. I got it after a while but this elderly lady to whom I mouth the line didn't get it long after the scene was shot. Or this age-old joke about 'Rosemary Lelo', which I wasn't aware of. So many of us turned red when we were explained what these meant. I wonder how my mom will react."

    "Now that I have done it I am really happy. It's a full-on commercial entertainer that the audience is going to enjoy to bits. I just hope that my parents are 'kool' with the fun and humour", laughs Neha who has also done a small lesbian angle with Sarah-Jane Dias in the film.

    Though Neha had convinced herself that the film's genre required naughty jokes and in-your-face one-liners, unlike other actors, she made sure she didn't check the monitor after she had given the shot.

    "Arrey, it's very embarrassing to be seeing my own dialogues on screen", laughs Neha, "After canning a shot when everyone from Riteish to Tusshar rushed around the monitor to check how they had done, I stayed away from it. Even when someone called me to say that it was a job done well, I shut my eyes. Guess I won't be able to avoid that while dubbing."

    She understands though that being in the show business comes with its own challenges and after being just two films old in the industry, she is coping with its ways and requirements.

    "Still, there are boundaries set", says Neha, "See, Kyaa Super Kool... is a sex comedy so there are bound to be naughty jokes. I had my inhibitions initially but I recognize that it's going to be an out-and-out commercial entertainer so fingers crossed. The reaction to the promos has been outstanding!"

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