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    Default You have to show a kiss: Ruslaan

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    Tell us about Teree Sang and your character...
    Itís a movie about friendship, responsibility and of course, love. Itís a love story

    with teen pregnancy as its main drama point. Itís from the point of parents, from the point of law and finally from the point of these two teenagers who are involved in this. I play a guy called Kabir, whoís really simple and innocent. Heís quite a loser and how after the girl gets pregnant, he becomes responsible.

    How did you prepare for this role?
    I lost a lot of weight. We created this character with specks and messed up hair, bad clothes, loose clothes. Iím wearing Satish Kaushikjiís personal clothes in the movie!

    Do you think this movie will attract any controversy?
    The happenings are justified from every point of view. So I know when the public watches it and heads home, there will be a debate but I donít know if it will create a controversy.

    Is it inspired by Juno? It also reminds us of Kya Kehna
    Juno, Kya Kehna, Chitram and Teree Sang... the only similarity between them is that a girl gets pregnant before marriage, who is also a teenager.

    Scary/ toughest/ funny scene in the movie...
    Thereís this kiss scene. Sheena came to me one night before the scene and told me ĎTell Satishji that I donít want to kiss youí. So I was like ĎMy God, is some thing wrong with meí? But then I had to actually sit down and convince her that the film is about pregnancy and you have to show at least a kiss. All through the night I kept wondering what she thought. Is she thinking that I want to kiss her? Because I wanted the film to work. I didnít want people to watch the film and say itís so stupid! How does she get pregnant? You have to show little intimacy. And finally when the kissing scene happened, just before the shot Sheenaís mom also came and sat there. So I had to actually kiss her in front of her mother. It was freaky. I didnít kiss her, Sheena only kissed me!



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