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    Default King Khan & Munna Bhai to Share Screen

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    The latest buzz in tinsel town has it that film maestro Karan Johar has been considering Bollywood's Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan, and the new-age Kancha Cheena aka Sanjay Dutt, to share the big screen for an upcoming production. Rumor has it Karan Malhotra, the helmer of 2012 blockbuster Agneepath, will be taking charge of the much talked about project.

    The movie is said to belong to the action flick genre with roles of both stars being specifically written keeping them in mind. Although, when talks of Malhotra piloting another action drama with Dutt involved in the cast list broke out, many speculations arose on the repetition of Agneepath. However, the director has already cleaned his slate by stating that the movie is being made with a fresh and most importantly, an original script.

    Viewers can be highly expectant of another Bollywood bonanza from the Dharma camp as Khan and Dutt as either do not come without their own share of fans. Earlier, the two stars were seen shaking a leg in 2007, during Om Shanti Om's super-hit title track.

    We already can't suppress it's excitement. We're sure Khan and Dutt will set the screen on fire!



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