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    My toughest scene? I've done quite a number of fairly unconventional scenes in my short career. It comes from working with a nonconformist director like Sudhir Mishra, who constantly pushes the limits of convention to explore the darker side of the human psychology.

    I'd say my toughest scene was in Yeh Saali Zindagi, where I am attacked by my kidnapper Tony. It was tough on many levels, both physical and emotional.

    I had to be brutally kicked and dragged around the ruins where we shot the sequence. And then in retaliation, I had to finally hit back and kill him.

    The scene was very exhausting emotionally and physically. Because it was not about being brave. It was about being scared to the point of helplessness and desperation where my character had no other choice but to kill him.

    I didn't only have to kill my tormentor, I also had to drag his body to a corner to hide it. It was the most devastating sequence I've ever done. On the one hand it was about a woman being brutalized and forced to retaliate and on the other hand it was about self-preservation.

    Violence against women is always appalling. And when I had to portray it, you can imagine the trauma I underwent. Thank God I had the support of my director and Vipin Sachdeva, who played Tony."



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