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    Default Give kids their childhood back: Roshan Abbas

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    Roshan Abbas is upset after watching the promo of a children's reality show and blasts show makers for exploiting little ones for TRPs. He has lodged a complaint against the practice and is urging others to follow suit.

    "What are we making our kids do?? That 'chikni chameli' by a seven-year-old kid is atrocious. Does anybody control this," tweeted Abbas after seeing the promos.

    The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has drawn up new guidelines to prevent exploitation of children participating in TV shows and advertisements, but they have not come up with an age stipulation.

    Abbas has urged parents and show makers to be a little considerate.

    "Give kids their childhood back! How desperate are we and how desperate are those who put them there. We stoop so low in search of TRPs. What's with the nails, the blindfolds, the fire! The pelvic thrusts and gestures," he posted.

    In fact, he has lodged a complaint with the Indian Broadcasting Foundation to stop this kind of practice.
    "Don't like the exploitation of kids on television? Complain to the Indian Broadcasting Foundation... I just did it," posted Abbas, who made his directorial debut with "Always Kabhi Kabhi" last year.

    Established in 1999, IBF is the country's apex organisation of television broadcasters. It plays a significant role in protecting and promoting the interests of its members and freedom of electronic media in India.



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