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    Talking | New Kid on the Block: Maradonna Rebello |

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    Twenty-two-year-old Maradonna was in college when he auditioned for producer Sanjay Gupta’s Pankh. The film has been much in the news for its bold content and story-line, and is being directed by Sudipto Bhattacharya. Pankh revolves around the story of a boy confused about his sexuality as his mother paraded him as a girl during his childhood days.

    Rebello remembers the day of his audition vividly. “Out of 250 boys auditioned, it was zeroed down on me, and I was over the roof! The director then gave me a heavy narration, which involved many daring scenes involving nudity, which petrified me at first. But when I asked my parents and realized that this would be a chance of lifetime, there was no way I would give it up.”

    So how was it working with Sanjay and Bipasha? “Sanjay is a very cool dude to work with, and it was great on his part to choose a newcomer like me to play this crucial role in the movie. On the whole, being associated with White Feather Films in itself is an accomplishment for me”, he says.

    “I would never in my wildest imaginations ever dream I’d ever get to work with Bipasha, and that also for my first film. It’s a dream come true! Sudipto was worried how I would cope up with her, but she was chilled out, and we really connected,” he added excitedly. The movie has been having trouble with the censor board, due to which its release date is yet to be decided.

    Meanwhile, here's a quick look at Bollywood's latest entrant.

    Date of Birth: 31st May 1986 ("The day Argentina won the world cup, and my dad being a major soccer fan, named me Maradonna!")

    Sunsign: Gemini

    Interests: I love spending time with my friends and practicing Judo.

    Favorite Actor: Gael Garcia Bernal, for I loved his performance in Motorcycle Diaries, and Aamir Khan, for he has the proper blend of being a serious actor along with garnering commercial success.

    Favorite Actress: Bipasha Basu! Any day!

    Favorite Film: There are many, so to speak, but if I had to point out a few, Amores Perros which was awe-inspiring, Children of Heaven blew me away, and also Ghajini and Dev Anand’s Guide.

    Favorite Genre of Film: It wouldn’t matter to me if it’s an art or commercial film, as long as it makes sense to me.

    Acting course: I had my fair share of auditioning back in college, and I also did a six month workshop with acting guru Raj Jagi Shan along with doing theatre.

    Pre-conceived notions of the Film Industry: I’ve heard of the casting couch and if something like that should happen to me, you’d be the first one I would call for help!

    Favorite Dialogue: As such, I don’t have any favorite dialogues from movies, but back in college, I was doing my degree in Advertsising, so I have a couple of favorite lines from ads. I love Aamir’s lines in the Coco Cola ad, Aap muskurayenge toh bulbule gungunayengi…

    Advice for newcomers in Industry: It took me a lot of struggle to actually land my first big break, so you should hang on even if the going gets tough and sometimes intolerable! You never know when things will change for the better…

    If not an actor: I would have joined some advertising company for sure.

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