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    Default Khiladi 786 team launches Angry Khiladi Game

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    After the ‘Dress Like a Khiladi’ contest turned out to be a hit, the Khiladi team has gone a step forward by launching an action game titled Angry Khiladi that will give fans a chance to play as Akshay Kumar himself.

    Sparks are expected to fly as Rohit Shetty, known for the larger-than-life stunts in his films, has directed the action sequences of the film. Akshay who plays a Punjabi Munda in the film, has gone all out and taken action to another level. While even the gen-next stars depend upon harness, technology and body doubles for all action sequences, the renowned actor has taken an opposite route. The Khiladi fearlessly performed all the dare devil stunts himself.

    The Angry Khiladi game gives fans of Akshay an opportunity to be the Khiladi.

    The action game kicked off yesterday and in no time the game has become popular across all age groups. Considering the fanfare of the Khiladi Bhaiyya, fans are enjoying the treat of being the next Angry Khiladi.



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