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    Default Khan makes Karan Johar work hard

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    December 10, 2009: Karan Johar recently spent sleepless nights, and quite literally too.

    On the brink of 'My Name Is Khan's theatrical trailer's release, he worked and worked to ensure that it turns out perfect enough to create a good impact on audiences. As a result, he hardly got about an hour of sleep starting from Saturday morning to Monday morning.

    As 'My Name Is Khan' is Karan's most different film so far, he really wants to do his best to make it appeal to masses. He was to go to LA but he cancelled his trip to finalize the first look. He started work early on Saturday morning and continued up to 7am Monday morning. At the most, he might have slept for just an hour between the two days. On Saturday night, Shahrukh Khan, who stars in the film, met up with Karan to discuss promotion techniques for the film.

    After SRK saw the first promo, he left the office on Sunday morning. Karan still kept working until Monday morning and left for home only after he was completely satisfied with the way the first look had turned out.

    Let's hope Karan's sleeplessness pays off!

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