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    Default Ketan Mehta lauds Aamir Khan through a 7-minute film

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    In appreciation of the efforts of Aamir Khan in bringing about a kind of social revolution all around the country with his widely
    appreciated TV show Satyamev Jayate, filmmaker Ketan Mehta, in his own way of lauding the actor-filmmaker, has presented them with an elaborate film that highlights the overwhelming response generated by the show.

    The seven minute film has been uploaded across social media platforms including Twitter. The short film captures various tweets from an array of influential people from all walks of life and their reactions to the show.

    Talking of the film Mehta said, "Satyamev Jayate has transformed the way TV as a medium is viewed and contributed to the greater good of society. At Maya, we've pioneered the art and technology for animation and visual effects in India; and Satyamev Jayate provided us with the opportunity to use visual effects technology to convey the essence and the impact of the show. It was our tribute to the show which has sparked off a revolution and we at Maya are proud to be associated with this phenomenon in the history of the Indian Entertainment

    Kudos to both Aamir Khan and Ketan Mehta for this laudable venture.



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