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    Thumbs up Katrina's Sisters live it up in Spain with one Handsome Guy

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    Mumbai Aug 7 (IANS) British-born actress Katrina Kaif had a whale of time in exotic Marbella city in Andalusia, Spain along with her sisters. The six Kaif sisters let their hair down with their only brother Michael being the lone man in tow.

    'It was quite a glamorous sight, if I say so myself, to see six similar-looking women accompanied by one 30-year-old handsome guy (my brother Michael) in restaurants in Spain. We formed a secret society that quite comfortable excluded everyone around. We were just happy being one big family,' Katrina, whose last release 'New York' got rave reviews, told IANS on phone from London.

    The downside of this cosy family reunion in Marbella was that all the Spanish guys just stayed away.

    'I think they got intimidated seeing six girls accompanied by one man. They couldn't make out what the man's connection with all these women was,' said Katrina.

    Only the eldest sister from the Kaif family got some male attention in Marbella.

    'That's because she speaks fluent Spanish. She had a Mexican boyfriend. So my eldest sister interacted with the local population in Marbella. All the sisters just stuck together having a ball with an invisible 'No Trespassers Allowed' board stuck to us,' said Katrina.

    Now back in London, Katrina wants to get back to Mumbai. 'I'm not used to being fussed over. My mother is constantly inquiring about my food. That gets to me because basically I'm a loner,' said the actress who turned 25 July 16.

    Speaking about her birthday, she said: 'This has to be the best birthday of my life. I had the time of my life. It's quite a sight to see all us sisters and our protective brother walking together. I must say all my sisters are better looking than I am.'

    It'd be a while before Katrina gets back to Mumbai.

    She will fly to Chicago and Atlanta to take part in the Independence Day carnival in Chicago before heading home. The South Asian organization is putting together Zee Carnival on Aug 15 and 16 to be held in Chicago.

    'I'm participating with Shah Rukh Khan. We've been to events together,' she said.


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    nice share
    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz



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