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    Default Katrina's Guest performance in Blue lasts Just 8 minutes

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    Understandably, she's upset on being promoted as part of the cast.

    Katrina Kaif is horrified when told that her presence in the underwater thriller Blue, is being highlighted in the trailers and television teasers. She is keen to clarify that she is making only a brief guest appearance in the film.

    She stresses, "I am only in the film because Akshay Kumar, who has a super role in the underwater caper, asked me to."

    Shot in the Foot, ain't it?

    Apparently, Katrina was paid well for her brief part. "That's true," she admits candidly. "But it's a very small role. I appear for all of eight minutes in Blue. That's it. And it would be like the producers shooting themselves in their foot if they made me seem like a part of the cast."

    Though we now see her sharing prominent screen space with the rest of the cast, Katrina had made it clear from the outset that that she should be kept out of the publicity for Blue.

    "They've promised to keep me out of the hoardings and all publicity and also to bill me as a guest appearance in the credits because that's what it is. I don't even go underwater with the rest of the cast."

    However Katrina's eight-minute appearance will create quite an impact. "Director Tony D'Souza is very talented and also a sweetheart. We sat down together and created a look for my character." She sports a pierced lower lip in the lip.

    She explains, "That's not really my pierced lip. It's only a magnetic ring worn under my lip. To give me a different look. I hope it makes a fashion statement." Adds the Blue director Tony D'Souza, "Right from the start we were very clear that Katrina's was a guest appearance and her name would be kept out of all the publicity. I think there should be no confusion over this issue."

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