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    Default Katrina splurges money on spot boys

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    Katrina splurges money on spot boys

    Katrina Kaif is enjoying a good phase in her career and can afford to spend as much as she can. On herself of course.

    But the actress just decided to spurge on the unit members of Rajkumar Santoshi's ĎAjab Prem Ki Gajab Kahanií.

    The buzz is that while shooting at Film City, Kat distributed as much as Rs 5 lakh among the unit members which included the technicians and spot boys.

    A source reveals, "After wrapping up the schedule, Katrina went into her vanity van and came out with bundles of notes and started distributing them among the unit members. She was in a happy mood and wanted to share her happiness with everyone."

    Katrina has reportedly acted on her instincts and while handing the money also thanked everyone personally.

    Itís being said that she was showing appreciation for the long hours, sometimes 16 hours at a stretch that the unit had put in and her way of saying thanks to as many as 300 people was calling them by their names and handing out the cash to each one personally.

    The director Santoshi was also reportedly caught by surprise as people donít usually do what he did

    Reportedly Kat doesnít wish to publicize this whole thing much.

    A source said, "Katrina is not comfortable talking about it but yes, she did give away Rs 5 lakh to the entire unit. While handing out the cash, she personally commended everyone on his job.

    Also though stars and technicians often get credit for their work most unit people neither get appreciation nor credit. Katrina just felt it was the right thing to do and she did it."

    Well, thatís what her handlers say, but in a way by not talking about it, sheís publicizing it already. Much like every other Bollywood star who wishes to show off his/ her charitable side.

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    Thank you dear

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    i would throw money on spot boys too



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