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    Default Katrina, Sonakshi or newcomer for Happy New Year?

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    It is confirmed. Farah Khan has zeroed in two leading ladies for her final choice of a girl opposite Shah Rukh Khan and the toss up is now between Katrina Kaif and Sonakshi Sinha. However, if things do not work out with either of the two, Farah is going full steam ahead in launching a newcomer instead.

    "Yes, Sonakshi is a hot contender and the talks are definitely on with her. Meanwhile Katrina is on the top of the list since Shah Rukh is mighty happy with her after working together in Yash Chopra's yet untitled film. He isn't averse to Sonakshi though as this would be a new 'jodi' as well. He and Farah are currently brainstorming to pick one of the two and once she is through with the release of Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi, there would be an announcement soon", informs our well placed source.

    In fact the declaration may come even earlier if either Katrina or Sonakshi make the cut.

    "Other girls like Anushka Sharma or Parineeti Chopra were never under consideration. In fact Shah Rukh as well as Farah are surprised when these rumours originated. Yes, Anushka and he have formed a good time after working in two films and Parineeti Chopra is talented too. However they were not really fitting the bill", the source adds.

    Meanwhile Farah has made up her mind that beyond a point, she would stop hunting elsewhere and instead opt for a new girl altogether.

    "Look at the kind of launch Deepika Padukone enjoyed with Om Shanti Om", a close associate adds, "Now after Cocktail she is enjoying the status of a star-actor. Happy New Year too has a strong part for a leading lady. Shah Rukh and Farah are ready to take the risk and groom a newcomer if things do not work out with Katrina or Sonakshi."

    Come September and the suspense should finally be unveiled.



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