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    Cool Katrina redubs for ETT on Salman's advice

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    Salman Khan is a perfectionist. Who knows it better than his Ek Tha Tiger co-star and ex girlfriend Katrina Kaif. News is that, Katrina redubbed her scenes in Kabir Khan's Ek Tha Tiger on the advice of Sallu. And instead of taking a break and celebrating, she spent her birthday redubbing some of her scenes.

    A source from the crew reveals, "Katrina had already dubbed for the movie once. But when Salman heard her dubbed dialogues, he felt she could do much better and there was a scope for improvement. So he advised her to dub the entire movie all over again. The director Kabir thought as much. Katrina, who values her director and Salman's opinion, took their words very seriously and actually redubbed the entire film. She was planning to take a break on her birthday but instead she squeezed in a few hours and finished some of her dubbing that day, since she didn't want to delay the dubbing."

    The source reveals, "Both Katrina and Salman are perfectionists and have put in their best in the film. They also value each other's opinion a lot. "

    Reportedly, Katrina had also dubbed her dialogues from Raajneeti all over again as she wasn't happy with the initial results.

    Commenting on this Kabir says, "There is no such thing like redubbing. You keep doing it till you are satisfied."

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