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    Default ● Has Katrina Kaif started to throw starry tantrums? ●

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    Rumours are rife in industry circleas that Katrina Kaif threw a lot of starry tantrums while shooting for the ad shoot of a famous designer luxury brand soon to be launched in India.

    If sources are to be believed, Katrina was demanded and was paid a huge fee for the endorsement deal. The sources further reveal, “But if the foreign agents who had sealed the deal with Katrina’s managers must have felt that they sailed through the tough part once she was on board then they seem to had underestimated Katrina’s ‘star’ power.

    Katrina it is learnt had set a special demands and conditions list for the shoot of the ad campaign even before it began. Apparently, she was going to be flown to Paris for the shoot but Kat wasn’t happy with just that.

    She seems to have told them that she would shoot only in a certain hotel where she wanted to stay. And that was not all. She also wanted to work with her own staff, stylist, make-up artist, hair dresser et al who would have to be flown to Paris with her. When they protested, Kats threw a tantrum till they relented.”

    This particular ad she shot for shall soon be seen on TV.


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