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    Default Katrina Kaif Now As a Producer Of Romantic Movie

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    So far Katrina has been not-so-lucky in love. But now she is all set to change her state of affairs and love status, at least on screen. She will do her first ever truly intense romantic film, a period film to be precise, with Imran Khan as the 'Other'. The idea of a janam-janam ka saathi love-forever film with Imran came to Katrina when she watched Imran interacting with his wife Avantika.

    As Katrina later told a friend, "I felt a pang of envy for Imran's wife Avantika whose husband was so devoted, so "all-there" for her and so not into cheating on her at all."

    That's when the idea of a passionate intense love story about love between a man and a woman that spans an entire lifetime of unconditional devotion came to Katrina. She has decided to produce the film and may even write the film herself.

    Says Katrina, "It is my fantasy love-story. The kind of ideal love that I don't think is prevalent in today's day and age. When I see Imran with Avantika I see a togetherness spanning an entire lifetime. I see them grow old together. That's not something I see in too many relationships these days. Imran is really devoted to his wife. That makes feel so good about life and so hopeful about love."

    They did a joke take-off on Salim and Anarkali recently for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. But now a film featuring Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif as intense lovers who can and will die for each other is a reality.

    Says Katrina, "We recently shot some very romantic songs in Agra for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Imran came across as very romantic on screen. We even did a takeoff on Salim Anarkali as a small part of a song. Just for the heck of it."
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