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    Default Katrina Kaif loses the endorsement deal to Anushka Sharma

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    Sometimes being too pricey could cost you much in the industry. Our beautiful and highly successful Katrina Kaif lost a prestigious two-wheeler endorsement deal to Anushka Sharma owing to her whopping high price of around 6 crore for an annual contract.
    This particular two-wheeler company was keen on signing Katrina KAif for their ad campaign owing to her popularity, but when they learnt about her fee, they started looking for other options and considered signing Anushka Sharma in her place.
    Next when they learnt that Anushka, too, charges a pretty high fee of about 4 crores for an ad campaign, they decided that it would be a better option to pay some 2 crores extra and rope in Katrina Kaif only as her popularity would have a greater impact on the viewer’s minds.
    When Anushka came to know this, she immediately slashed her fee down to 3 crores, when the company executives learnt that that Anushka was not only willing to sign the deal for Rs 3 crore, but also give a couple of days more than Katrina for the shoot, they decided to go ahead with her.
    Anushka has already signed the contract and will start the shoot for the campaign shortly. The agency will create the campaign keeping her bubbly and effervescent image in mind.

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