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    Default Katrina Kaif joins her brother & fiancee in Koh Samui

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    Each year for Christmas and New Year Katrina Kaif likes to be in London with her mother and siblings. This year she took a detour and has landed in Koh Samui in Thailand for a bit of exotic relaxation.

    Katrina who was reluctant to break into her brother’s private paradise with his beloved, reluctantly agreed on her brother’s insistence.

    Says a friend of the actress, “Being around her brother Michael who is engaged and to be married and her elder sister who is a happy wife and mother, Katrina is reminded of her own single status. So she avoids being in their company when they are holidaying with their soul-mates. But this time her brother wouldn’t take a ‘no’ for an answer. Since Katrina gets along with her brother’s fiancee she accepted the offer but not without resistance.”

    Further, Katrina hasn’t taken a holiday in years. “Not counting the time she has spent with her family, Katrina has hardly been on a proper holiday. So she accepted her brother’s invitation. From Koh Samui she heads to London with her brother to be with the family, as per the annual tradition.”



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