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    Default Katrina Kaif Hindi challenge, Anyone

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    Well, the critics could pan her as much as they like for her Hindi accent topped with a Brit twang, but the lovely Katrina Kaif seems quite unperturbed by all of it. Firstly, if Raajneeti is anything to go by, her Hindi is getting better. We mean she had more than just mushy dialogues, and songs to lip sync on. In the movie, she had reams of heavy-duty speeches to deliver.

    Secondly, she has another quality that many shudh Hindi speaking hotties can’t beat her at. It’s her impeccable memory. “What makes it all easy is that I have a very good memory. So, no matter what lines you give me or how long it is, even if runs into three-four pages, it’s never a challenge to memorise it. I only need to work on the accent, and you have to remember that Hindi is not my first language,” explains Katz. So, we would assume that a movie like Raajneeti would have been a super challenge for this beauty. We’re wrong, dearies, and Katz sweetly corrects, “The good thing is that with a movie like Raajneeti you have to concentrate only on the scenes you are doing, and you don’t spend time doing rehearsals on songs and dance. Although, I love doing song and dance numbers, for this role I really understood the emotions of the character.” Here’s a warning people… this gal remembers every word written and said about her.
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