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    Default Katrina finally opens up about her sisterís alleged MMS clip?

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    Nobody would talk about it publicly, but everybody whispered behind closed doors. Katrina Kaifís sisterís alleged MMS clip became quite a rage when it came out. It spread like a forest fire just as every other infamous video does the rounds when public. It certainly looked like the actressí sister Isabel Kaif, but of course nobody could be sure. Katrina and he family stayed mum on the issue waiting for it to die its own slow death. The issue did eventually get lost in the oblivion, but as soon as the rumours of Isabelís Bollywood debut started flying, the MMS issue was fuelled again.

    Now, the latest rumours that we hear are that of Katrinaís breaking her silence on the topic, at last. She, of course, claims that the girl in the video is not her sister but somebody who bears a Ďstartlingí similarity to her. Now that the lovely Isabel is rumoured to be joining the B-town soon, which seemed inevitable from the start, the skeletons have started coming out of the closet. And itís better to deal with them now than to get stung when youíre at your most vulnerable. According to the rumours, Katrina has done just that. Letís wait till the confirmed quote gets to us.
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