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    Default 《《 Katrina finally confesses love for Salman 》》

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    Laying all rumours to rest Katrina Kaif finally confessed her love for Bollywood hunk Salman Khan. In the recent issue of the People magazine the goddess of beauty made some shocking confessions about her personal and professional life. Katrina said that she loved Salman and was happy being in the relationship with him. Perhaps to silence critics of her relationship with Salman, Katrina revealed she carries her boyfriend’s picture wherever she goes.

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    On the all important question of marriage Katrina said she had no plans to marry this year although Salman wants to settle down with her soon. Katrina also hit back at the critics who term her relationship with Salman as 'on and off'. She also cleared air on Salman's new muse Claudia Ciesla and rubbished rumours that Salman was mingling with her. Well better late than never Katrina has finally said to the world what Salman wanted to hear for ages.


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