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    Default Katrina denies she received gifts from Shahrukh

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    Actress Katrina Kaif isn’t very pleased about the way media goes in overdrive to hyperbolize her closeness with Shahrukh Khan. The pretty belle frequently finds herself in the middle of B-Town gossips ever since her beau Salman Khan and SRK fought at her birthday party last year.

    The news is doing the rounds that Katrina who is right now shooting for Yash Chopra's next opposite Shahrukh is getting too close to King Khan. Also there are rumors that Shahrukh has become pro Katrina Kaif ever since they started shooting in London. Both can’t stop praising each other sometimes to fawning proportions. In the midst of all these came a piece of news that SRK is showering Katrina with expensive gifts. While people are still speculating a repeat of Priyanka Chopra episode with Shahrukh, Katrina has stolen the opportunity to squash all such rumours.

    Katrina told reporters in Delhi during her visit there that all stories floating in the press about SRK showering her with gifts is completely false. He hasn’t done anything of the sorts. Now, if you are wondering what did Shahrukh gift Kat, then let us tell you that the actor sent her clothes to keep her warm when they were shooting in London (in spite of the fact that Katrina is a Londoner who would know the climate of the place well to carry warm clothes) and later a workout bag with a note ‘Have A Great Workout’. But then all these were just fables as far as Kat is concerned.

    In fact, Katrina even dismissed the news that SRK had referred her to Farah Khan for their movie ‘Happy New Year’. Well, it seems Katrina is playing it cautiously as she doesn’t want to get embroiled in any controversy. She anyway has Salman Khan as her friend to court controversy. Why does she need another Khan? Right, Kat?



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