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    We thought Katrina and Kareena have made peace with each other but then you shouldn't believe every thing you hear.

    Elated with the rave reviews she got for acting, Katrina at a recent press meet, announced that she doesn't need to wear a short skirt or show her legs to get audiences to go for her film or to love her. Apparently, she was taking a dig at Kareena, who donned a bathing suit in her latest movie Kambakkht Ishq.

    Tell her that she too has recently topped a poll for the Sexiest Asian Woman... and Kat says, "I think it was Race that tilted the scale. My fans saw a different Katrina and they liked her. But I think here people vote for who they like as opposed to the west where they are governed by the definition of the word.

    Personally, I’d prefer being called desirable to sexy since I don’t want to alienate my family audience. Maybe 20 years from now, I’ll find it sweet."

    In case you're wondering why Katrina is fiddling with fire, we have two words for you - New York. The film has won Kat accolades not just for her beauty but this time also for her talent as an actress.

    If sources are to be believed, it was during an event recently for the special screening of Kareena's latest flick ‘Kambakkht Ishq’, that Bebo and Kat could be seen literally avoiding each other.

    Reports reveal that Akshay Kumar was hosting the show and along with him, there was Katrina Kaif and his good friend Riteish Deshmukh. While Katrina bonded with Riteish, Kareena was nowhere to be seen.

    Grapevine has it that Kareena, who arrived late and made a quiet entry, left mid-way, while Katrina sat through the entire film.


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