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    Katrina Kaif’s birthday last year was more memorable than most – it’s not everybody whose birthday party sees an almost-fistfight between two of Bollywood’s biggest stars, which splits the industry down the middle

    Which is why perhaps it’s not surprising that Kat’s been talking about going to London to spend time with her family this year. And despite her fears to the contrary, she’s made it to the UK and is enjoying her birthday-cum-vacation there.

    I’d started talking about my plan to visit my family close to my birthday really early. And then, inevitably, everybody started asking me about it,” she says. “I kept telling myself, ‘Katrina, this is it. You won’t be able to go. Something awful is going to happen and you won’t be able to make your trip’. But I’ve finally been able to and I’m really happy for me,” she adds, over the phone from her London home. She’s currently very busy, letting her hair down with her three elder, three younger sisters, only brother and her mother.

    So, what is her birthday plan? “Honestly, nothing means more to me than being able to spend time with my family right now. I haven’t had any time with them and this feels like a luxury. I’m looking forward to a relaxed birthday with everybody here. We’re going to go out and just generally be. The little time I have, I’m going to make the most of it,” she says.

    But what about her Bollywood buddies – Salman had thrown a party for her last year and her friends wanted to celebrate her birthday this year in Mumbai too ... ? “I don’t think it matters. Birthdays aren’t that big a deal. I had just these few weeks off and I thought of spending them with my family. It’s a happy coincidence that my birthday falls at this time. I have a packed year otherwise. This is all the vacation I’m going to get,” Kat sighs.

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