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    Thumbs up Katrina-Ash war may intensify

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    Morning my banofee pies! Iíve just refused a billion dollar endorsement deal. Everybody who is somebody is signing contracts.. left, right and centre. But I choose to stay away from the bhed chaal. I donít need no endorsement, is my new mantra. This, at a time when everybody is asking for more. But then, Iím not everyone, right?
    Meanwhile, according to Rapchik Rajni, the Katrina Kaif ó Aishwarya Rai Bachchan rivalry will only get more intense this year. Nah, itís not about movies, but ads, my dahlings.Apparently, a company whose product range Ash endorses, is debating over whether to renew the contract with her.. and at the same price or not?
    Ashís commitment expires later this year.. and representatives have already touched base with Kaif over the possibility of teaming up end 2009.. or early 2010.Kat has been scoring high on various opinion polls even though some of her contemporaries have been around longer time and have established their credentials as actresses.
    How I would love to tell you more details about this deal seal.. but itís a kinda sensitive, right now because the company in question is yet to take a final call on their model gal. Watch this space for more.

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