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    Default Kashmira Shah gets dirty with name-calling her co-stars!

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    February 19, 2010: Outrageous claims seem to be Kashmira Shah’s forte, as she piggybacks on controversies to get her share of fame. The actress who is mostly seen in the side-roles of Bollywood films yet again created a storm by calling certain actors ‘liar’ and ‘hypocrites’.

    The ‘choosy’ or nearly out-of-work actress courted controversy yet again at the launch of Mahesh Manjrekar’s film ‘City of Gold’, where in the middle of a press meet, she took a potshot at actors saying, “Nowadays, the actors who say that they get plenty of scripts everyday but don’t have time to go through them are nothing but big liars!”

    Saying that in a roomful of veteran actors like Satish Kaushik and Seema Biswas, Kash just kept hitting on her kind by further claiming, “The reality is- they (actors) don’t even have a single script in their hand!”

    This was enough to hush a room full of actors, as Kash continued glibly, “I don’t know why some actors do things like that, I mean, what’s the reason?”

    With this all the limelight went off from Mahesh’s directorial comeback, to Kashmira. Seeing the ball in her court, Kash went on, “Talking about myself, I get only 2-3 projects in a year but let me tell you they are substantial projects. Moreover, I’m proud that at least I don’t lie like other stars do.”

    Probably that’s when Kash sensed the gravity of what she was saying as when prodded further for names of the ‘hypocrite actors’ she went all hush-hush saying, “I don’t want to take their names as everybody knows about them!”

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