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    Default Kashmeera Shah's shocking sex confessions

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    Sex is always a divine feeling for many and while some want to experience the sensuous side, there are those who want to see the wild side. While women have always refrained from coming in the open about their sexual desires or saying anything about their sensuous side, one actress has come up with statements that are dropping the pants of many men and the jaws of many ladies.

    In a candid conversation, sexy Kashmeera Shah revealed how she de-stresses herself by having sex with her boyfriend.

    She said, “The only X-factor in my life is the sex-factor. I de-stress by sleeping with my boyfriend and by having sex with him. I truly believe that if you are unhappy in bed, you can`t be happy anywhere else.”

    When asked about her idea of marriage, she said, “Marriage is a very important man-made institution. Once you are married, you need to honour that. I love to see people get married, but I don`t know if I ever will tie the knot again.”

    Kashmera divorced her husband Brad Listermann after she fell in love with Krushna Abhishek. In various occasions, Kashmeera was spotted in sexy attire. She never posed for magazines where she exposed her body.

    While some believe she has made these statements only to grab some attention, few others feel given the bold nature of Kashmeera, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Whether Kashmeera Shah has said this or not, the thought surely caught many off-guard and they were unable to react on that.



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