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    Default ★ Kareena refuses to shoot in Pune due to Swine Flu ★

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    The latest Swine flu epidemic has developed an eerie feeling amongst everyone. An entire last schedule shoot of Dharma Production's ‘Qurbaan’ was cancelled as the shooting was to take place in Pune- the largely affected city with the epidemic.

    A source from the unit reveals, "The cast and crew were to travel to Pune on Friday afternoon. Everyone was all set and prepared to leave for the last schedule. But lead actress Kareena Kapoor was adamant on not going to Pune after the break out of Swine Flu in the city where they were headed to shoot. Very little portions had to be shot and the crew really wanted to get done with it as soon as possible and Bebo was required for the scene."

    The source continues, "Bebo had a word with the director Rensil D'Silva and asked him to reconsider the shoot. The team members gave it a thought and cancelled the scheduled."

    Kareena's spokesperson confirmed, "Yes, the Pune schedule was cancelled."

    Adds director Rensil D'Silva, "We considered the situation in Pune carefully and decided not to shoot there since we did not want to put either the cast or crew at risk."

    The team still has to shoot the remaining scenes, but hasn't decided the venue and is also waiting to again acquire dates of the actors.




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