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    Default Kareena doesn't follow strict and fad diets

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    Kareena Kapoor is unarguably one of the top actresses in Bollywood today. Kareena has made her own mark in the Indian film industry and has won hearts of many people around the world. She is the undisputed style icon of bollywood, and her every appearance sets a new trend across the nation. Kareena is the first actress to join the coveted 100 crore club. She starred in 4 films that have grossed over 100 crore at the domestic box office in less than 2 years, a record which no other Bollywood star has achieved so far.

    Bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor is fashion icon for youth. Everyone loves her curvy figure but the actress recently revealed that she doesn’t follow strict and fad diets to maintain herself. She also admits that she tries to eat right amount of food even if she is on dieting.

    She says, "I have a very sensible approach towards food. I like to eat what is healthy and easily available. I don't believe in following fad diets."

    "But my diet goes for a toss when I am holidaying because that's when I indulge in cakes, fondues, cheeses and so on. I also love potato chips. But even when I am dieting, I make sure that I eat enough to feel energetic all day long. So, the meals have to be tasty and in sufficient amounts."

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