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    Default Big B and Kareena to come together after 8 years

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    Prakash Jha has pulled of the unimaginable. In his next film Satyagrah he has brought together The Big B aka Amitabh Bachchan and Bebo alias Kareena Kapoor.

    It is no coincidence that the last time they worked together was in Govind Nihalani’s Dev in 2004 where they had no scenes together. Since then every time any project on offer purported to bring the two charismatic actors together was shot down by the one or the other.

    And with reason. The hurt that the Bachchans suffered after Abhishek’s break-up with Kareena’s elder sister Karisma on the eve of their marriage remained standing like an impregnable wall between the two families.

    This writer remembers when Kareena was being considered for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black the Big B had categorically shot down the idea.
    Time and experience have effectually healed the affronted father’s wounds.

    The Big B is no longer opposed to the idea of working with Kareena whom after her debut in J P Dutta’s Refugee with his son Abhishek, the Big B had described to this writer as “ethereal”

    Beauty never fades. Abhishek and Karisma have moved on in life. Kareena on the threshold of marriage is all set to share screen space with the Big B.
    Says a source, “And this time unlike Dev where it was made sure that the two didn’t have to come face-to-face Amitji and Kareena have lots of scenes together. Major confrontational scenes.”

    In Satyagrah Kareena plays Ajay Devgn’s lady-love and the Big B plays Devgn’s mentor.

    Says the source, “Kareena plays a very strong woman whose ideology and politics are unshakeable. When she realizes that Devgn’s character is going astray she opposes him and stands up against both Devgn and Big B.”

    Kareena, we are told, would have many confrontational moments with the Big B.
    Says a source very close to the project, “Prakash Jha’s women characters are no walkovers. Kareena’s role would be the most powerful female part in Prakash’s cinema since Madhuri Dixit in Mrityudand. And the power of her role comes from the interactive space that she shares with the Big B.

    It’s the role of a thinking woman, very far removed from her outing with Devgn in Golmaal Returns.”



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