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    Default Karan Johar blocks Varun Dhawan's dates for the next

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    Contrary to earlier plans, Varun Dhawan would no longer be doing his next film for his dad. The suggestion was apparently not taken too well by Varun’s mentor Karan Johar who we understand has “big plans” for Varun and the other two debutants of Student Of The Year (SOTY).

    Last one heard Varun was all set to do a film with his father the prolific David Dhawan. In fact, David had enthusiastically told this writer how he would like to start his home production as soon as Varun is done with his debut film.

    “Ghar mein ek beta director hai doosra hero. Aur kya chahiye? I think I should just take it easy and let my two sons take over,” David had declared languorously.

    This was a month before the release of Student Of The Year. We had also heard that Varun would be featuring in a music video for David’s latest film Chashme Buddoor.

    All home plans for Varun have been unceremoniously dropped.

    Post the release of SOTY papa David is now singing a different tune.

    Says David, “Arrey, let Varun work outside the home turf. There’s no pleasure in working within the home terrain. That’s always there. There is a far greater satisfaction in going out there and finding his (Varun)’s own success in the outside world. He can always come back and do a film with me later.”

    An actress closely associated with Karan Johar’s Dharma says, “Varun’s plans of doing his second film for his father were aborted. Varun didn’t want to piss off Karan Johar.” Though Varun has a non-exclusive 3-film contract with Karan’s Dharma Productions we hear the possessive producer doesn’t take too kindly to his protégés moving away from the home banner.

    Exactly the same happened with Arjun Kapoor who was set to fulfill his post-debut obligation by doing a film for his father Boney Kapoor. But again, in spite of a non-exclusive 3-film contract Arjun quickly changed his mind because, according to a source, “Adi didn’t approve”

    In the defense of the protective Dharma and Yashraj banners a loyal friend argues, “Karan and Adi want only the best for their discoveries. Didn’t Ranveer Singh break away after doing two back-to-back Yashraj films to do Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela? Dharma and Yashraj are just being protective about Varun and Arjun’s future.”

    One wonders how Varun and Arjun’s future would be jeopardized by doing films for their father! Didn’t Hrithik Roshan begin consolidate and sustain his superstardom under his father Rakesh Roshan’s stewardship?



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