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    Default Kangna Ranaut becomes director

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    For all those who thought that Kangna Ranaut was getting typecasted into the same mould in most of her films, here's some news for you that will make you sit up and take notice. And the news is that Kangna has now added one more feather to her cap by becoming a director!

    Reportedly, Kangna's directorial debut is an untitled short film, that's written in collaboration with an Australian writer, which has been shot in Los Angeles with an all-American cast and crew. The said film deals with a complex subject involving a dog and a four-year-old boy.

    Talking about her plunge into direction, Kangna said that she decided to do so after meeting Hollywood biggies during one of her recent trips to Los Angeles.

    And since she wanted to be well prepared for her debut, she attended lots of workshops and also delved a bit into child psychology to help her get connected with the character of the kid in the film. She revealed that it took six months of thorough groundwork for the same. She added that since Kaden (the child actor) is very young, they had to place hidden cameras and play games with him in order to get him in the frame. The dog however was well-trained and not difficult to work with.

    On a later date, Kangna is planning to send the film for international festivals, but as of now, her full team is concentrating on finishing the editing and visual effects.



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