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    Default No Kangna on poll trail: Shekhar Suman

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    ďĎWhy should I ask Kangna campaign?Ē

    What made you take up politics?

    First and foremost, itís my family lineage. Iím a Bihari. My grandfather, an advocate general, belonged to Congress and so does my father, an eminent surgeon. So, when I expressed the desire to join politics Congress While hosting the show, Poll Khol, I had realised that one has to fight the system from within. Some years back, I wanted to build a hospital in Patna, but I never got any support from the state. I couldnít even get the street down my house, made. If I wanted, I could have contested the polls from Mumbai itself. But I decided against it. How can I do that when my own state is in shambles?

    How optimistic are you of winning?

    If it was just about winning, I could have joined RJD or Nitish Kumarís JD(U), who have a strong hold in the state. RJD had, in fact, offered me a ticket. To me, itís all about ideologies.

    Isnít doing a balancing act, difficult?

    Havenít I been into political satire, done anchoring, commentary and worked on my body, all at the same time? Itís about how well you multi-task. But, of course, I want to dedicate most of my time to politics. And thereís no reason why one should think actors canít be goodpoliticians Ronald Reagan was an actor before he became the American President. Jayalalitha too had proved her mettle in both. When I was hosting the show, Poll Khol, I thought my career could be finished. But I stayed afloat. I wanted to join Congress as it has the legacy of leaders and the party is again divisive politics. When BJP demolished Babri Masjid, were people asked whether they want it or not? Itís also important to have gentlemen like Manmohan Singh in politics.

    Is competition stiffening with you being pitted against industry veteran Shatrughan Sinha, who incidentally had replaced you in the Great Indian Laughter Challenge?

    Why, even Shatrughan Sinha had contested polls against Rajesh Khanna once? I think two brothers, living in the same house, can have a difference of opinion. The equations donít change even then. Shatrughan Sinha, in his stint as the health
    minister, couldnít make a decent hospital in the state. Between us, itís just a clash of ideologies and nothing else.

    You are known for your brand of humour. Will the campaign trail see some of that?

    Iím not going to use humour as a tool. Even Vajpayee has a good sense of humour. Iím not in politics to make people laugh.

    Your mother has gone on record saying, finally you would be able to spend time at home...

    Iím on the phone with my mother for at least two hours a day. Yes, now Iíll be physically present with them for a long span of time.

    Adhyayan, we heard, will be campaigning for you...

    Family support is very important. As a child, I had always wanted my father to be present on the sports day. It motivated me to see him cheer from the side rows of the sports ground. Similarly, if Adhyayan campaigns for me, it would make me happy. But then, I leave it up to him to decide.

    And what about Kangna Ranaut?

    She isnít part of my family. Thereís no reason why I should ask her to campaign for me.

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    thanks alot for sharing dear monu!



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