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    Default What is Kambakkht Ishq about?

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    Kambakkht Ishq, as the title suggests, is a film about love. For people who know me, this is no surprise, as love is an emotion that has dominated and by far been the most common thread in the films that I have been wanting to make in the past few years. And we all know that love can never be simple. It is the most complex emotion we have known and one lifetime is not enough time to discover it and its many manifestations. It often leaves us in a quandary - a mix of all sorts of feelings, often contradictory, hence the exclamation "Damn Love!"... Or, in other words Kambakkht Ishq.

    But, to put it simply, the film is a story about how you can run, you can hide, you can cry yourself hoarse denying its power, but ultimately love is an insidious little monster that creeps up behind you, grabs you by your ankle, and makes you fall, like the proverbial ton of bricks ... FALL IN LOVE.

    If you're reading this, you probably already know the plot of Kambakkht Ishq (and if you donít, then visit to read about it). The film, though a battle of the sexes, is at heart a love story told with tongue in cheek humor and lots of pizzazz. It depicts a different side of a love story: not just the blissful falling-in-love period or the miserable heartbroken side, but what happens when two people who do not believe in love cross paths. For some of us falling in love is harder than for others and learning how to love someone, and allow oneself to be loved by someone can take years, or even a lifetime. Kambakkht Ishq is about two people who have no interest in learning either of those things.

    Obviously, the nature of this kind of a film, where two strong individuals are clashing, can provide great entertainment. Hence, you will experience everything, from the hottest Bollywood stars interacting with the their equally hot counterparts from Hollywood, the exotic locales of Los Angeles and Italy and the magnificent sets constructed in Mumbai, music that will make you want to dance, to action that will take you to the edge of the seat ... AND somewhere within all of this is an out of the box element that will leave you laughing for days.

    I wanted to take this 'larger than life' emotion of love and deal with it in a lighter manner. So that each person who walks into the theater shelling out hard cash from his or her precious salary to watch this film should feel that every penny was worth it. That they are not going to see a film that is just value for money Ö but definitely more,

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