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    Default When Kamal Haasan met Ang Lee

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    After regaling Mumbai, Ang Lee shifted location to Chennai on Wednesday where Kamal Haasan conducted a 30-minute television with the director.

    But before that, Ang who was not familiar with Kamal Haasan’s work wanted to see his films. So they drove down to Kamal Haasan’s office where he has a fully equipped home theatre.

    Says Kamal, “I took him to my office where he saw my new film Vishwaroop. I think he liked what he saw. It was very kind of him to make time for something beyond his jam-packed schedule only so that he could be familiar with my work. He had worked in South India in Pudicherry for Life Of Pi. He had heard of me but not seen my work.”

    Ang was apparently very impressed with Vishwaroop. The two artistes have decided to collaborate in the very near future.

    Laughs Kamal Haasan, “I don’t know how impressed Ang was with my work. I’ve been deeply moved by his work. That’s why I readily agreed to interview him for a television channel when the offer was made to me. He was surprised that I knew he was a micro-biologist before he began making movies. I’ve literally seen all his films, right from the first Pushing Hands. I think we covered extensive ground during the interview.”

    Kamal Haasan is also impressed by Ang Lee’s latest film The Life Of Pi and intends to make his next film in 3D in collaboration with the legendary American filmmaker and special-effects supervisor Douglas Trumbull.

    Says Kamal, “I have never done a film in 3D. I’d like to. What I’ve seen Ang achieve in Life Of Pi through the 3D technique is unique. I am glad I had a chance to get into a conversation with Ang. We seem to share so much in common.”



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