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    Default Kamal Haasanís next co-star is a 7-year old girl

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    The indefatigable 57-year old Kamal Haasanís co-stars are getting younger by the week. If his co-stars in his recent films have ranged within the age-group of 22-35, in his next project which would be his Hollywood debut in the English language produced by Barrie Osborne, Kamal Haasanís co-star is a 7-year old!

    The hunt is on for a 7-year old American girl who will be cast opposite Kamal Haasan. But you canít apply for the job just because youíre 7, female and Caucasian. The little girl would be in almost every frame with the actor. And she has to match his virtuosity.

    Admits Kamalji, ďItís not just about the girl looking cutely into the camera .She has to be able to act. Thatís the age at which I started acting, so I know exactly how it feels to be facing the camera when youíre that age, so Iíll be a very considerate co-star.Ē

    Kamal Haasan describes his Hollywood debut as a study of civilization masquerading as an adventure story. ďThere will be lots of activity on the surface and also below the line of visibility. Itís actually an idea that I related to Barrie. He immediately liked it. I like the idea of working with a child.Ē

    Interestingly Kamal Haasanís heroine in his new film Vishwaroop is no spring chicken either. Pooja Kumar who plays the lead is 35.

    Says Kamal Haasan, ďIt was meant to be a girl who looks mature and sensible, since she plays a nuclear scientist. Which is why I thought of casting Sonakshi Sinha and Chitrangada Singh. It isnít about age. Itís about looking capable and in-charge.Ē



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