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    Default Kalki's steamy liplock with Prosenjith Chatterjee in 'Shanghai'

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    Kiss is a must in love and in Bollywood, stars have shot kiss scenes whenever scripts demanded. Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin is expert in on-screen kissing, as we all have watched her getting cozy in ‘Shaitan’ and ‘Dev D’, but it is for sure that her first on-screen smooch ended on an ‘attacking’ note.

    Buzz is that, Kalki and Bengali actor Prosenjit were shooting for ‘Shanghai’ with director Dibakar Banerjee when Dibakar first told Kalki that he wanted to shoot an intense smooching scene between her and Prosenjit.

    Before filming this hot kiss in kitchen, both actors did some homework in Atul Mongia’s workshop, but on sets it was completely different experience as what with Kalki literally ending up biting Prosenjit’s lips!

    Dibakar explain the incident, ‘Kalki is playing a complex character of an Indian with a mixed parentage and looks like a foreigner. Living in a small town, she is almost always judged by her looks and while fighting a rough battle in a politically volatile small town, she comes across as angry, vulnerable and idealistic.’

    While telling the story of shooting for the scene, director said, ‘I told Kalki to make the first move. Though both of them had rehearsed the scene, shooting it was extremely traumatic for her. After every take, she would rush to the other room and cry to bring her emotions to the boiling point. While filming, she actually bit PC sir’s lips!’

    Event goes bizarre when Dibakar actually forgot to say ‘cut’ while shooting the smooch. Kalki says, ‘I was asked to literally attack him and Dibakar had told us not to stop smooching till he said cut. But what happened in the process is that we went on smooching without realising that we had gone out of the frame.’



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