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    Default Kajal knows her limits, shuns skin show

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    Download image as wallpaper She is still a few days away from her debut as a lead actress in Bollywood but Kajal Aggarwal has already laid down her set of rules and conditions. The ones that top her list are 'no bikini' and 'no kisses' for screen. "Unlike many debutants who claim at the beginning of their career that they would expose on screen only if 'it's the demand of the script', Kajal isn't flashing any of those cards.

    Content with the kind of work that she is getting and unwilling to follow any of the current Bollywood diktats, Kajal has been saying 'no' to such demands coming her way. She is very clear that she would never get into any excessive exposure for any film of hers", informs a friend of Kajal. With 21 films behind her down South, Kajal believes that if at all she would make it big in Bollywood as well, it would be on her own merits instead of a generous dose of skin show. "This is the reason why she picked up Singham as her debut outing in Hindi", continues the friend, "In the film she is required to play a sweet-n-naughty spunky girl and she is happy to find herself in that zone. Not that she wants to be forever clad in 'salwar kameez' for all her films. If required, she is game to get into much trendier outfits for say, an NRI girl. But this doesn't mean that suddenly she would start strutting around in a bikini on the beach.

    " On contacted, Kajal doesn't deny that there are certain lines that she has drawn around herself. "My parents are very protective about me and they are conventionally conservative", says Kajal who is basically a Punjabi hailing from Mumbai, "I want to do movies that my grand mother, niece, cousins, friends and parents can comfortably watch. I can't offend them." Tell her that this could well reduce her options in Bollywood by some margin and she says, "A 'no bikini', 'no kisses' and 'no intimacy' policy is something that I have maintained right through my career so far. I don't see any reason why I should be going back on that. If I am uncomfortable about something, I won't stoop down to certain levels just to bag a part. I guess it is not skin show that would show my talent."
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