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    Default Junior Kapoor adds another feather in his cap

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    Ranbir Kapoor has always been vocal about his desire to direct. He has grabbed a golden chance once again, having directed a few portions of his Nissan Micra ad, and has helped shoot parts of a promotional video of the upcoming Barfi.

    Since post-production work has been keeping movie director Anurag Basu busy, a separate agency director was hired to shoot and direct the special video. However, certain portions were not easy to direct and that's where the Kapoor lad stepped in.

    Having been living and breathing the character of Barfi for a while now, RK Jr knew the demands of the scene exactly and hence offered to help direct the sequence

    Without doubt, this Kapoor lad is multifaceted and talented. We wish him all the luck for his forth coming venture.



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