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    Default John finds no wrong in Shahrukh's detention

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    It created stirs and ripples of outrage when Bollywood superstar SRK was once again detained at the US airport, this time at a New York airport for two hours on Thursday as he arrived there to visit Yale University.

    Even as India strongly condemned the second time detention of Shahrukh Khan at an airport in the US, but John Abraham who too got detained in 2009 believes that the act is justified and SRK handled the incident with a lot of grace. John added that it is also not easy for the foreigners who come to India.

    “Every country does its due diligence. Getting into India for foreigners is like hell. It’s not easy. The US is also doing whatever they can to make their country safe, so it is justified. It all depends on how personally you take the issue, and Shah Rukh handled it with a lot of grace,” said the 39-year-old actor, at a press conference in Delhi to promote his first production Vicky Donor.

    John also spoke about his experience of spending six hours in the US detention centre.

    He said, “I have been in that detention space, where the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) was called in because I had Afghanistan mentioned in my passport, as I had shot there for two months for my film Kabul Express. There wasn’t much hue and cry about this as I never wanted to use the incident as a media peg for the film. I was in for six hours and I was asked the strangest questions. And of course, Shah Rukh would agree that racial profiling could be a pretty much correct term for it (interrogation) because it’s mostly coloured people who are detained.”

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