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    Default John walks all the way to the studio on first day of shoot for Ishaan

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    In what would appear to be an unprecedented move for any A-lister in Bollywood, John Abraham has decided to do away with all entourage and security personnel while travelling locally in Mumbai. He would rather commute alone, and preferably on foot.A walk of less than ten minutes made John change his perception of the public. John was on his way to the first day of shooting for Shristhi Arya's Ishaan when a road block stopped his vehicle from moving forward.

    When informed that the road would not be cleared for some time John simply hopped out of his vehicle and decided to walk to Famous Studios rather than be late for the first day's shootingIt was a walk that changed his perception. Says a source close to John, "John was always against hangers-on and any kind entourage. Now he has decided to do away with travelling companions altogether. He wonders why stars travel with so many people. His resolve came when he had to walk alone from Worli to Mahalaxmi. He was warned by his entourage not to brave it alone, that girls might attack him on the way. John laughed off their misgivings .And boy, was he glad he did what he did. He met the sweetest people on the way.
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