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    Default Johnís extreme makeover

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    The actor abstained from water and salt for three days to get the required look for the action scenes and the poster stills for Force

    John Abraham recently underwent an extreme makeover. The actor went from size M to XXL for his role in Force, where he plays a super cop. And we hear that he had to abstain from water and salt for three consecutive days to get the beefy look for a few crucial action scenes and poster stills for the film.

    "John had to go shirtless. Obviously, his body did not meet the requirement of the scene. And so to achieve the chiseled look, he went on a strict diet of high protein and bland food without salt and water for three days," explained the source.

    When contacted, Vipul Shah, the producer said, "I was shocked to see him take this kind of pain to perfect few scenes and the poster shoot for the film. He was keen to have the chiseled look naturally."

    Force is the remake of the Tamil film Khaka Khaka, directed by Nishikant Kamant and is slated to release on September 16.



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