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    Default John Abraham's sperms are in high demand

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    Off late, John Abraham has been very enthusiastically talking about sperm donation. When he decided to turn producer for ‘Vicky Donor’, John Abraham perhaps did not expect this kind of a reaction from his fans.

    News has it that a fan sent a unique request to John Abraham. A married lady, who apparently is having trouble conceiving a child. The only option left for her is artificial insemination. Now, the lady has requested John to donate his sperms for this cause. Being a hardcore fan, she claims she won’t take anyone else’s except the actor’s.

    According to the source, the woman genuinely respects the fact that John has spoken out about such a sensitive issue that encourages youngsters to come forward and help childless parents like her. Interestingly, Indian laws make it illegal to reveal the donor’s identity.

    The woman is apparently very impressed with John’s stand on the entire issue. John has urged youngsters to come out and help childless parents. John says, “Why can’t we donate sperm? It’s a topic that needs to be addressed, as there are childless couples out there, who can do with our help.”

    In fact a well-known fertility centre in Chandigarh has even asked John to donate sperms. And now a fan has asked John as well. Is the actor now mincing on his words now, considering he has suddenly become quiet after receiving such requests?



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