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    Default John Abraham encounters Salman Khan

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    The Desi Boyz actor and Bodyguard superstar have been on icy terms for a long time now for reasons we have almost forgotten. And after many years they will soon come face-to-face on Bigg Boss as John promotes his new film. Will this meeting end the feud or aggravate it further?

    Sometimes B-town actors may possibly wish that they didn’t have to promote their movies so much. Then John Abraham would have not landed himself in a tight spot. To promote Desi Boyz, Akshay Kumar and he have to go on the Bigg Boss. Obviously they will meet hosts Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. And we are sure Johnny Bravo is not looking forward to this one. A long time ago, Salman and John were together for a worldwide concert tour called Rockstar; apparently something happened there and since then the two have been at war…a very cold war. The two have never had a showdown, but one time Salman looked through John at an event, something the media will always remember. Since then the Force actor has not bothered to even say hi, forget about saying bye to his senior. So when they come face-to-face, will the two men forget the past, shake hands or – now that may be pushing it rather – hug each other? Clearly, in their case it depends on the Dabangg dude’s mood. However, Salman’s longest and biggest enemy Shahrukh Khan managed to escape Bigg Boss in the whirl of promotions for RA.One. Logically that made sense, since it was a family film and would get no real mileage by being on a reality show where sleaze plays a natural part. It’s no rocket science to know that the King Khan chose to stay away from the Bhai’s show deliberately. And neither of them was in the mood for yet another showdown, wethinks. Unfortunately, John isn’t so lucky! Or will the story move on to a happier chapter now?
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