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    Default Jiah can't stop raving about Shahid

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    Jiah can't stop raving about Shahid
    Now we all know that Aamir Khan's ambitious 200-crore movie 'Ghajini' was a huge hit inpsite of some critics not liking it at all.

    It was Aamir Khan and Asin who walked away with all the accolades.

    But the dame whose first movie 'Nishabd' flopped badly in spite of it revolving around herself and Amitach Bachchan is not ready to give up as yet.

    She's now working on 'Yahoo' with Shahid Kapur and is trying to get as much as attention as she can from there.

    Currently she can't stop raving about Shahid who is learning an urban dance krumping for the film. Maybe she thinks that it will give her a whole lot of attention too.

    She also has 'Housefull' with Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone and Riteish Deshmukh to talk about.

    She has other means and ways too. As a member of PETA, she has been campaigning against the use of glass-coated manja used in the strings of traditional kites in India.

    She's added, "Glass-coated manja is a public health hazard and causes excruciating death for birds that get tangled up in it. We had asked participants in the Makar Sankranthi contests and all kite-flying competitors to immediately stop using glass-coated manja and to conduct their sport in a way that isn't deadly to humans and wildlife. "

    Now we understand that this is a noble exercise. We just hope the attention hungry chick is not doing it just for publicity.

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    Thank you very much .



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