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    Default Jaya Bachchan to swap seat due to Rekha

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    Bollywood’s original diva Rekha might have gladly accepted nomination to the Rajya Sabha, but one person who mustn’t have been equally happy is Mrs Jaya Bachchan.

    Jaya Bachchan has filed a request to the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha to change her seat as she doesn’t want to sit on her usual allotted place. It is rumored, when Jaya Bachchan found out that Rekha will be sitting right behind her in the Rajya Sabha, she was not amused at all as the cameras will catch both of them in a single frame.

    Jaya Bachchan has filed a request to the Chairman of a Rajya Sabha to change her seat. She has cited the reason of death of Brajbhushan Tiwari. Jaya Bachchan said as Brajbhushan Tiwari died of heart attack and he used to sit beside her all those years, she tends to get emotional about his deceased colleague. That’s why she wants her seat to be changed.

    As we know, Jaya Bachchan was already a member of Rajya Sabha and Rekha is nominated recently to the Upper House of the Parliament along with Sachin Tendulkar. Recluse Rekha has accepted Rajya Sabha membership. People are already speculating and curious to watch the two in the Rajya Sabha together. Rekha will be placed on the seat no 98 and Jaya Bachchan’s earlier seat was 91. It means Rekha will be immediately behind Jaya Bachchan. Now Jaya Bachchan has been allotted seat no 143 which will be far away from Rekha’s seat.

    Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan are alleged to have a roaring affair in the past and they are rumored to be still together. But nothing is substantiated. No one knows the exact truth except the two people concerned. But if the news of Rekha Amitabh affair has an element of truth, Jaya Bachchan’s reaction is only human. No one wants the reminder of painful memories in near vicinity.

    Minister of state for Parliamentary Affairs Rajeev Shukla will now have to a tough time figuring out where to comfortably make the Bachchan lady seated.



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